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Bruno, long time ago

Thu, 15 May 2003 SCO warns Corporate Linux users

Two months after suing IBM for $1,000,000 (saying that IBM included Unix technology into Linux source code) SCO sent a warning letter to the top 1,500 companies. More links are available here.

This letter explains that there is a risk in using Linux, because of Intellectual Property issues.

Some private comments:

They did not show any portion of the source code (when know, if any, it will be so easy to remove!).

SCO was anyway going to die, and their IBM suit did not have the expected results (many claim that they wanted IBM to buy them). Today, it is obviously too late! By the way, in the worst case, IBM could always buy SCO, and dismantle it!

SCO web site is itself running Linux. Did they receive the letter too? Will they sue themself?

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