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Bruno, long time ago

Sat, 27 Aug 2005 Some news...

Again, I was too lazy to write anything here for nearly two months... This is just a quick update:

Boudicca left her prison after 2 weeks, a couple of FAX exchanges, and the great help of a Li's friend in Paris... Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Izawa-Sama!

We are now living in Mita, iin the center of Tokyo, in a beautiful japanese wood house on a small street end. This is very nice, especially when the weather is bad (I love the rain music on the walls!).

Most disturbing was Li's mother heart attack two weeks ago: We received a phone call in middle of the night, and she (Li) went to Dalian the next day, to support her mom. The result was an heart operation, that hopefully will be enough for many years.

Oh, I forgot: My bicycle.
I received an old bicycle from an office friend in middle of July. That just triggered something in my mind: "This is very good!". The next day, Li bought me a new Peugeot bicycle, which I use every day to join the subway station. Two events about that:
A fall down two weeks ago (of course, due to Murphy's law, Li was already in China), and badly touched my left breast. It is still painfull, and difficult to move my arms. This was a good lesson: I am no more in my 18th!!
And yesterday was the best: We were called by the police at 22:00, to understand that someone was catched trying to steal the bicycle (crazy guy: 100 meters from a police station!). I had to spend 2 hours there to put my finger prints on papers that I did not understood at all!!

I will stop there for this post, the two important earthquakes being some kind of routine. We are just hoping that the big one is not going to happen soon...

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