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Bruno, long time ago

Sun, 31 Dec 2000 J'y comprends rien!

15:04 Comment on fait le fichier de configuration de apt, j'y comprend que dalle, y'a pas quelqu'un qui connait un truc simple pour comprendre???
15:13 15:04 : oui, on utilise ftp et tar, comme les vrais hommes qui ont pas des distribs de tapette.

(linuxfr.org, Dec 2000)

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Sat, 04 Nov 2000 Looking for a motorbike...

The last weeks were unfortunately very busy: A trip to Paris, for reorganization issues, then (very) heavy workload in Tokyo. I still did not buy my motorbike, but someone at the office could help me to get a good discount (that is why I will not go to buy it this week-end: I need more information!).

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Sun, 15 Oct 2000 Trip to Sydney

I just return from a business trip to Sydney. It was cold. I begin to doubt what people say about Sydney's weather!!
By the way, I should avoid to go to this country: Each time I am there, we have big trouble in the office: First time we had (in 2 days) a power failure in the building, and a network problem between Tokyo and Sydney. This time, it was a problem on some server-side software :-(

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Wed, 27 Sep 2000 Trip to Guilin!

My second (and shorter) vacation is already far behind... Guilin is a wonderful place, probably one of the best I ever saw in my life. I recommend everybody to visit it, just for eyes pleasure :-)
There is only one problem: City restaurants & taxis (and probably others) are so expensive! The reason is simple: They just want to get your money (they use the word kill), and prices could be multiplied by 5 or 10 if you are not chinese. It is really a good idea (for price & taste!) to eat in a 5 stars hotel!

I bought a PALM Vx in Hong-Kong (the normal way from Tokyo to Guilin). This device is really wonderful: Very small, tons of applications, and so easy to use!

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Tue, 05 Sep 2000 I love Koh-Samui!

Vacation is over... Koh-Samui is a nice place: Weather, people, prices (!!), etc... Thierry & me spent most of our time playing chess (we were in the same club a few years ago, before I came to Japan). I met there a lot of western people who seem to have a good life: Of course money is not so big, but quality of life seems so higher than in a big city like Tokyo!

My server crashed 3 days before I came back from Thailand. What is strange is that the problem was a power-off!!! As only few people (I would say about 1) live in my home, the investigation should be easy ;-)

I just started to install a photo gallery, helped with slooze. It will stay protected by password until I have at least 10 pictures installed!

Oh, next week I have vacation again: One week in Guilin (South China). According to this site, this is a very nice place...

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Sun, 13 Aug 2000 Singapore, Hong-Kong, Sydney... But soon Thailand!

I just came back from a business trip to Singapore, Honk-Kong, and Sydney. Nothing to say, except that Singapore is very hot and wet, and Sydney a little cold. Of course, I did not know that, and I had nothing to wear, to finally catch a cold :-(

Next saturday, I take a 2 weeks holidays. Destination: Koh Samui, Thailand. Thierry will join me from Paris.

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Sun, 30 Jul 2000 Motorbike licence - Concorde crash.

Got it!! I can now drive a motorbike! The test was limit, as I drove very quickly on ippon-bashi. I lost points, but did not fail!!

I just started to use gimp, as you probably noticed (I changed some titles at first). This software looks terrible! Of course, office users only know Photoshop, and simply do not accept that a free software could be better... They would be very surprised if they understand that some features in photoshop were first on gimp (for instance the famous intelligent scissors)!!

Concorde crashed this week in Paris. More than 100 people died. The most beautiful plane in the world is maybe too old. I always had the dream of taking the Concorde from Paris to New York. The last chances are probably vanishing with this accident :-(

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Sun, 23 Jul 2000 Failed motorbike test :-(

Motorbike test this afternoon... I had my last lesson yesterday morning. I eventually had to take another lesson after the test, try to guess why: It was a complete failure, as I falled from the ippon-bashi (bridge).
I hate this f...... bridge. New try next week. Yves, on contrary, got easily his license.

I wanted also to add some pages to my site, but I feel to lazy. I just started this diary, which will not cost me a lot of time!

Last friday, we had an strong earthquake (Richter's 6.1), at 3:00 AM. There are too many earthquakes these days. Shoganai.

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