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Vacation in Dalian & Beijing, Apr. 99
Thumbnail Karaoke.jpeg Thumbnail 4++The Great Wall.jpeg Thumbnail 3++The Great Wall.jpeg Thumbnail Going to visit Dalian.jpeg
Karaoke The Great Wall The Great Wall Going to visit Dalian
Thumbnail Looks good, no?.jpeg Thumbnail I, Li, and Li's Mother.jpeg Thumbnail Terrific soldier.jpeg Thumbnail The Great Wall.jpeg
Looks good, no? I, Li, and Li's Mother Terrific soldier The Great Wall
Thumbnail Night coming in Beijing.jpeg Thumbnail 6++The Great Wall.jpeg Thumbnail Beijing Mess.jpeg Thumbnail Taking local taxi.jpeg
Night coming in Beijing The Great Wall Beijing Mess Taking local taxi
Thumbnail In Forbidden City.jpeg Thumbnail 2++The Great Wall.jpeg Thumbnail 5++The Great Wall.jpeg Thumbnail Forbidden City.jpeg
In Forbidden City The Great Wall The Great Wall Forbidden City
Thumbnail In front of the Red Dream House.jpeg Thumbnail These Gods were supposed to protect the City.jpeg
In front of the Red Dream House These Gods were supposed to protect the City

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